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Freebie Fridays! Top 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins!

Continuing a trend of Top 5 lists, here are my recommendations for the top 5 best free WordPress plugins. These plugins will help optimize your WordPress site for search engine results, and by extension, profit! 5. Smush: Image Compression and Optimization (https://WordPress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/) According to best-selling author Nell Patel,...
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Top 5 Best Paid System Utilities For Indie Developers

In stark contrast with NCP’s Freebie Fridays blog posts, I present my top 5 best paid system utilities For Indie Developers. These will help ensure your PCs function (fairly) flawlessly and keep your indie studio humming along. At number 5 is TorGuard, a highly rated VPN service. TorGuard...
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