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For Sale Fridays! Tiny, 3D Printed Pi Case, Just Like the Bitfenix Prodigy!

I couldn’t find a design patent for these so I think I’m in the clear… if Bitfenix doesn’t want me to sell this 3D printed Pi case, I’ll stop! Just let me know Bitfenix.

Awhile ago I purchased a SIIG 4×1 USB HDMI KVM Switch with 4Kx2K & PIP. It had slots for 4 computers but I only had 3 computers active at the time. I dug out and plugged in an old Raspberry Pi to satisfy my sense of balance. But after setting it atop my Bitfenix Prodigies I realized that one of these things did not belong. Far from satisfying my sense of balance, its incongruous case upset the natural order of things.

Other things that bothered me, for awhile now, were Raspberry Pi cases that necessitated tiny, tiny screws. To install the Pi motherboard you’d have to dig out your jeweler’s screwdriver set from the bottom of your toolbox, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to position the screws, begin tightening the screws down, drop the screws, look for the screws, hopefully find the screws, and start all over. Surely there’s a better way?

There is! With some clever engineering, I was able to create a 3D printed pi case that sandwiched the mobo between two interior pieces and then slid into a handsome shell! No tools or screws required!

Step 1, place the Pi mobo on the posts.

Step 1, place the Pi mobo on the posts.

Step 2. Drop the top into place.

Step 2. Drop the top into place.

Step 3. Slide the top and bottom into the shell!

Step 3. Slide the top and bottom into the shell!


Even better, the finished assembly looked just like a miniature Bitfenix Prodigy case! Thus the objectives of aesthetic congruity and ease of assembly were achieved through superior engineering. Behold the kawaii 3D printed Pi case!

Ahh, order has been restored!

Ahh, order has been restored!

I thought this was nifty enough to share with the Reddit community. And for a brief shinning moment, I topped the Raspberry Pi subreddit (what’s weird is that each time you refresh the page you get a different upvote total long after this thread should be dead)! They were even cool with me selling the 3D printed Pi case files in the thread. You can also buy them here on the site! Please be sure to heed the caveats you see in the shop. Enjoy! And if you do print one of these out, please share pics!

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