Follow Thru Thursday! Cable-Labeling

In the first Follow-Thru Thursday post, we discussed boxing belongings and labeling them thusly. In the follow-up Follow-Thru Thursday post, we practiced zen and the art of cable-management. And in the following Follow-Thru Thursday post, we’ll combine the two disciplines with cable-labeling! The practice of cable labeling is pretty self-explanatory. You simply label your cables

2020! What to Expect from NCP!

Happy New Year! New year, new site! What other news can you expect from Nickel City Pixels in 2020? No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker 2nd Edition! Having been published in 2016 and tutoring the use of Unity 4.x, the original No-Code Video Game Development is starting to show its age. In my

Chapter 14: Game View

lesson 14: Game View What’s in the Game View is up to you! It’s the result of everything you’ve put into the Hierarchy View. Fig. 14.1 shows the Game View from the sec1Chap4Assets Scene. Game View allows you to play your game (so long as there are no game-breaking bugs). Here you can playtest your