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Cancer. Game Over? (pinned)

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In September, Michael was headhunted for his dream job: Evangelist for Unity Technologies (Asia) in Seoul, South Korea!

In October, however, Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Now he must live within 40 miles of the Roswell Cancer Institute in order to qualify for treatment. And everything he did to qualify for his dream job (working overseas, contract book writing), now works against him, disqualifying him for Social Security Disability.

If you know him from your school days, you know Michael is a decent friend. If you were a student of his at university, you know him as a generous life coach and mentor. And if you worked with Michael at JSO during one of several armed robberies, he may have saved your life!

Now it’s time to help save his. To qualify for a bone marrow transplant, Roswell requires a 24/7 caregiver to reside with Mike at Kevin’s Guest House. If you or someone you know can volunteer as a caregiver, please contact Michael through email: admin (at) mikejkelley (.) the abbreviation for commercial.

If you can’t give care, please consider donating. Denied both his dream job and Social Security Disability, Michael needs our help making ends meet and resurrecting his (sabotaged) tech company, Nickel City Pixels.

Thank you kindly for helping our friend Michael Kelley! Please give what you can and please share with all of your friends and family. Lastly, please keep Mike in your prayers.

Thank you and God Bless.

Hope this was helpful! Keep up the good work and the good luck will follow!

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