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#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 4

#Megadesk was supposed to be a happy occasion. It was to be a one year diagnosis anniversary gift to myself, a giant leap forward in my efforts to become more “mobile” and organized, and it was supposed to help facilitate my #gameart and #gamedev. The plan was simple:...
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#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 3

The Ergotron desk saga begins! In comparison to #megacart’s requirements, the desk portion of #megadesk’s requirements were decidedly sparse. It needed to: Change and maintain suitable elevations, ie, be sit-stand Be pneumatic or pneumatic-like; no pin and post, crank, or motor schemes These requisites narrow the field quite...
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#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 2

#Megadesk is to be comprised of #megacart and a desk not yet mega. Building #megadesk proved folly, but by searching “utility cart” instead of “computer cart,” I was able to find some things somewhat promising. And at prices far less than it would cost to build my own....
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