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“NEW” Product – Cyborg Ninja Character Model

Pleased to announce that I ironed out the kinks mentioned in the previous post. The Cyborg Ninja Character Model is available for free with either the No-Code video game development course or book. Or, you can buy it separately here on sale: http://nickelcitypixels.com/blog/?product=cyborg-ninja-character-model-mobile-ready   I hope you found...
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Technical Difficulties.

There I posted. Count it. Woocommerce/WP is, all of a sudden, balking at the super unsafe practice of me selling .zip files. Zips are the one and only file type I foresee selling and it won’t let me. Because obviously I intend to include viruses free with every...
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Come one, come all, to the NCP Asset Store grand opening! There you can buy all manner of King Tut Sarcophagus model… er, I’ll have more assets up soon though. 🙂 Like the No-Code Udemy course, Tut is currently on sale! Only $5 (and should be upgraded soon,...
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