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Throwback Thursday! “Vacation!”

I wish I had caught this earlier on the 11th, its 1 year anniversary! From the description: “This is a vacation in the same way that a triathlon + several days of equipment maintenance + many hours of editing is a vacation. 40 miles biking to and from...
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Throwback Thursdays! Colbert Report Parody.

I had nearly forgotten about this until I had to go digging for a Throwback Thursdays post! I had been the biggest Colbert Report fan but never thought him above reproach or parody; there were holes in his game. In turn this game sought to parody both Colbert...
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Throwback Thursday! OG Xbox mod!

In writing about the Living Nightmare That is a Lenovo Product (parts 1 and 2 and 3 and 4), I wanted to mention that I once owned one of the earliest Lenovo laptops and had lovingly modded it. This remembrance would’ve contrasted nicely with my newfound loathing for...
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