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Throwback Thursdays! Colbert Report Parody.

I had nearly forgotten about this until I had to go digging for a Throwback Thursdays post! I had been the biggest Colbert Report fan but never thought him above reproach or parody; there were holes in his game. In turn this game sought to parody both Colbert...
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Throwback Thursday! OG Xbox mod!

In writing about the Living Nightmare That is a Lenovo Product (parts 1 and 2 and 3 and 4), I wanted to mention that I once owned one of the earliest Lenovo laptops and had lovingly modded it. This remembrance would’ve contrasted nicely with my newfound loathing for...
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Throwback Thursdays! My first AR app.

Featured in an article in Business First, June 22-29, 2012. The article also featured many (seemingly purposeful) “inaccuracies.” Lesson learned, ALWAYS record your interviews. Hope this was helpful! Keep up the good work and the good luck will follow! this website the forums @NickelCityPixel youtube channel Please remember...
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