Freebie Friday! Mixamo Character Rigging

By | February 5, 2016

I can still remember the old days when I had to rig verticies one, two, as many as eight, at a time. Rigging fingers was just behind texture unwrapping in terms of digital ditch-digging. Getting the thighs and shoulders to deform correctly was a nightmare for an indie. Even AAA developers (Capcom, I’m looking at you!) cheat to get around shoulder deformation problems by redefining “anatomically correct.”

Now you can throw down your digital ditch-digging shovels! Mixamo’s FREE online character rigging application will give you better results than you (or at least I) could ever achieve manually! And in a 340th of the time! You’ll need an Adobe account. Then simply go to:

and get rigging!

In the event you find it not so simple (in part due to the infinite loop links), fear not! I will be featuring Mixamo’s auto-rigger in an upcoming Tutorial Tuesday!

More free software that you might not have otherwise known about! Thank you Freebie Friday!

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