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Freebie Friday! Sort of – they’re just websites/youtube channels, but they’re free and they are useful.

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve spent countless hours researching PC Tablets in the hopes of finding something comparable to a Cintiq Companion, or, at the very least, comparable to my late ASUS EEE b121 Slate (or whatever its official name was, I simply knew it as the greatest piece of technology I’ve ever owned). Research has been hampered by the fact that just about all Tablet PC reviews merely regurgitate the spec sheet (here’s what a real review looks like), and few if any address touch input particulars. That’s why I find the following site useful enough to deserve a Freebie Friday post:


Tabletsforartists.com goes into detail about the types of input technologies the reviewed tablets use. It does so from an artist’s perspective. It’s far from perfect; there’s no glossary and no at-a-glance indication of the types of input tech implementations. You have to read through it all and then do additional research to hunt down definitions of the tech terms used. Unfortunately, much as it is for the Cintiq Companion, it seems there simply is no alternative.

//edit, spoke too soon

Another good source of information I’ve just discovered is the MobileTechReview Youtube channel. They do a good job of elucidating pros and cons from an artist’s perspective.

Also, comparison smackdowns!

Tabletsforartists.com and MobileTechReview are my two first stops when shopping for art-centric tablets.

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One thought on “Freebie Friday! Sort of – they’re just websites/youtube channels, but they’re free and they are useful.

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