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Tutorial Tues.! How-to Increase Your WordPress Upload Limit (video)!

Increasing your WordPress upload limit. This may seem only tangentially related to #gameart and #gamedev, but hopefully if you’re serious about these disciplines you maintain a website in addition to all of your social media. In many cases, “website” is synonymous w/ WordPress website.

If you’re a #gamedev or #gameartist, your site will undoubtedly be media-heavy, featuring heavy media. But WP’s default limit of 8MB uploads mean that your media won’t even get off the ground.

So I’m making this tutorial because I’ve seen a lot of info on the web that doesn’t work in a lot of instances, e.g. editing the theme functions file, or htaccess, and I’ve seen info that is just plain wrong, like uploading a php.ini file to root.

Now, if you’re using shared hosting, you may have to ask your hosting service to increase your limit for you. Otherwise, use this tutorial.

This tutorial assumes you have file extensions visible in windows and can use cpanel.

Right click on the desktop and create a new text file. Type in the following or copy and paste it from here:

upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 64M
max_execution_time = 300

Rename the text file to php.ini. Then log into your hosting provider, I highly recommend midphase.com if you don’t have a host yet, and access cpanel. Click on File Manager. Expand public_html and navigate to wp-admin in your WordPress installation. Your directory structure may be a little different than mine as I chose to designate “blog” as root. Make sure wp-admin is available in the right-hand column. Click Upload and upload the php.ini file that you just created.

Now login to your WordPress site at yoursite.whateverYourTopLevelDomainIs/blogDirectory/wp-login.php. Navigate to the media upload interface and it should now report a limit of apprx.



A valid question is why bother with the WP media uploader at all? Why not ftp to a separate directory that has unlimited storage to begin with and simply embed media in your posts? The answer is that Word Press’s media system, for lack of a better word, facilitates image resizing and compression. While many of us creative types validate our work’s worth according to how long users are willing wait for it, search engines use contrary criteria. Fast load times therefor are super important, not just in terms of usability, but also SEO. If you’re not fast, you won’t rank.

Check the nickelcitypixels.com website for a list of the best WP plugins, coming soon, including one that works with WP’s media system to optimize images for speedy delivery. With these tips my site went from a 7 seconds load time to 0.7 second. Thanks, subscribe and check out my Patreon thanks.


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