3D printed Bitfenix Prodigyesque case for the Raspberry Pi!

$7.50 $5.00

Included in the .zip are brief instructions and a collection of .stl files that you can use to print out a Bitfenix Prodigyesque case for your Raspberry Pi! As is, limited support. Pictured is the case printed out of a combination of Shapeways’ and PLA materials.

You will get special discount, if you pay with following AltCoins
  1. Bitcoin - 20%
  2. Ethereum - 20%


Hey I just integrated BTC and ETH payments into my site and the files will be 25ยข with crypto payments and the coupon “crypto” while I test it out!

As seen here:

NOTE: The pink shell was printed at Shapeways using their strong and flexible plastic material. I haven’t tested this on consumer-grade equipment.

If it doesn’t work for you contact me and I’ll refund you the price of the download.

The tolerances on this are super high! Please find a way to introduce
a bit of slop into the models before printing.

If necessary, glue the lockbump to the edge of the topInterior’s living hinge as illustrated in lockbumpIllustration.jpg.

I can only offer limited support for this product.

If you need .max or .obj, email me:


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