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#ScreenshotSaturday! Chess Tactics RPG feat. @tenpoundpixel!

#ScreenshotSaturday! Chess Tactics RPG feat. @tenpoundpixel! I’ve been rolling out the Chess Tactics RPG announcement, slowly, in bits and pieces over the course of a few years now. Part of the problem, as described in this indieview podcast, has been deciding which of my 7 favorite projects to pursue. As a result, Chess Tactics RPG has only received 1/7th the development it deserves. In the works is a Crowdfunding Battle Royale, in which I pit said 7 projects against each other to see which has the most money making potential. But since the Crowdfunding Battle Royale had been delayed, Chess Tactics has emerged as a front runner for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is that seemingly copy-cat (I make no accusations, you decide), Chessaria, has validated the idea’s commercial viability (in an albeit, small, small way). But more importantly, @tenpoundpixel has shown me just how good Chess Tactics RPG can look. See for yourself in today’s #screenshotSaturday!:




Portraits this awesome give me hope that I can create a Chess Tactics that looks as good in real life as it does in my head! They also help to define the overall aesthetic; whereas before CT RPG was going to be entirely 2D, now I’ve confidence enough to double-down on the FFT homage. While the characters will be pre-rendered, pixelated, and 2D, the environment will be lo-poly 3D. To accomplish this I’ll be learning Sprytile and Blender (you can watch me muddle through later in the month on my twitch channel). @Tenpoundpixel will be providing the tilemaps, so expect more awesomeness!

Speaking of more @tenpoundpixel awesomeness, check back for next week’s #screenshotSaturday! You’ll be able to witness his take on Chess Tactics’ queen character. Tutorial Tuesday will include a process .gif too! If you can’t wait until then, be sure to check out @tenpoundpixel’s twitter and his own #gamedev project, Cryamore!

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