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#ScreenshotSaturday! Chess Tactics RPG feat. More @tenpoundpixel!

In a previous post we looked at @tenpoundpixel’s Chess Tactics RPG pawn character artwork. As promised, this week we’ll look at the queen character portrait he’s created! Look!:

Chess Tactics RPG Queen character by @tenpoundpixel


Luminous! And illuminating too, as @tenpoundpixel gives us this .gif demonstrating his process:

Chess Tactics RPG Queen process gif by @tenpoundpixel

Apparently it’s just 6 steps. Seems easy! lol, j/k.

As we speak, Mr. Pixel is hard at work creating another set of astonishing profile pictures! He’s also promised us an extended look at his process. The next queen portrait will be accompanied by a screen recording of its creation!

It bears repeating, portraits this awesome give me hope that I can create a Chess Tactics that looks as good in real life as it does in my head! I feel we’re well on our way! Pretty psyched!

As we move from profile pics to environment creation, I’ll be picking up Sprytile and Blender. You can watch me slog through learning later next month on my twitch channel, sure why not? @Tenpoundpixel will be providing the tilemaps, so expect more awesomeness!

If you can’t get enough awesome art, be sure to check out @tenpoundpixel’s twitter feed and his own #gamedev project, Cryamore! Cryamore was successfully funded on Kickstarter and then some! I have similarly high hopes for Chess Tactics! Please join our first Thunderclap campaign as we gear up for crowdfunding. Thanks!

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