Streaming Saturdays! My First Stream!

By | September 2, 2017

In an effort to ramp-up the Nickel City Pixels, Inc. social media, I’ve recently started streaming! And I must say, I’m overly proud that I’m as technologically savvy as a 12 year old. The first streams, featuring echoing audio and Pilotwings, are what I hope to someday refer to as “humble beginnings.” From here I hope to build the channel around #gameplay in the morning, #gamedev at night, and even live streams of lessons using my No-Code Video Game Development using Unity and Playmaker book as the text! #Gameplay streams will predominantly feature the New Nintendo 3ds XL courtesy KatsuKitty’s Capture Kit. #Gamedev lesson streams should turn out to be a lot like the classes I taught at University. Check out the live streams on my Twitch channel and archives on both the Twitch channel and my channel!

And if you’re reading this before September 3rd, 2017, note that my friends and I will be celebrating my most recent discharge from the hospital with an Age of Mythologies LAN party! Beyond that, big things are on the horizon! Check back here on Streaming Saturdays/Sundays for a schedule of events.

#Gamedev streaming events, however, won’t occur until I *heavily* modify my setup. I’m going to create a custom streaming setup built around a hand-crafted Megadesk! Megadesk construction will feature in its own series of Vlogs and Blog posts.



That’s it for now! You’ll notice that today’s post is mostly redundant of a previous Tutorial Tuesday’s post. For some reason it didn’t post as scheduled. Also, #chemoFog. In any event, I’m trying desperately to make up for a year’s worth of lost time. While drug side-effects and a touch of GvHD are slowing me down, all-in-all, I have to say so far so good!



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