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WTF Wednesdays – the continuing saga of acquiring a pressure sensitive tablet

By | June 15, 2016

Sold the Lenovo. Unfortunately, never received payment. Gave up looking for a Wacom penabled tablet in my price range. It only needed 3 additional qualifications: Under $1k #Never10 Upgradeable (SSD/RAM) Is that asking too much? Apparently. There’s not a tablet on the planet that meets these very basic qualifications. So I’ve resorted to purchasing a… Read More »

Self-Promotion Saturday! Asset store, about and our sponsors

By | June 11, 2016

This week has been pretty productive; The Nickel City Pixels Asset Store premiered, Sketchfab has been integrated so as to facilitate model viewing, sidebar links have been installed, No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker is now available for purchase on Amazon(!), and an About page has been deployed! The About page features links… Read More »

The living nightmare of trying to restore an Acronis save point to a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e

By | May 25, 2016

Previously I’ve advocated using software to clone and then replace OSes should they misbehave. Acronis claims its software can even do this across disparate hardware configurations. I’ll believe it when I see it. In a thus far misguided attempt to replace my failing ASUS tablet, I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e (found out later… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Sort of – they’re just websites/youtube channels, but they’re free and they are useful.

By | May 20, 2016

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve spent countless hours researching PC Tablets in the hopes of finding something comparable to a Cintiq Companion, or, at the very least, comparable to my late ASUS EEE b121 Slate (or whatever its official name was, I simply knew it as the greatest piece of technology I’ve ever owned). Research has… Read More »

Throwback Thursday! WCIGAWW? Can I use a PC tablet to replace a Wacom Cintiq Display?

By | May 19, 2016

We interrupt our regularly scheduled VR series to bring you news of my hardware struggle. My Asus Slate died recently. I aspire to one day own a Wacom Cintiq Companion. Until then, I spend countless hours researching which PC Tablets might be nearly as good in my price range of nearly no money (writing a… Read More »

Throwback Thursdays! Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush

By | April 14, 2016

In a previous Freebie Friday post I provided readers with Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush. It augments your Tablet PC and makes it fully portable for the purpose of digital sculpting! It does this by providing you with on-screen buttons such as Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Undo, and Redo. No need to pack a keyboard anymore! I… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush

By | February 12, 2016

As promised in the last WCIGAWW?, here is Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush! This will allow you to eliminate keyboard and mouse input, making your Tablet PC truly portable for the purpose of digital sculpting. http://nickelcitypixels.com/freebies/autohotkey.zip I don’t know who created this. I can no longer locate where I originally downloaded it from. If you are… Read More »