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#TBT When I Tried to get by with an Adjustable Laptop Cart.

It didn’t work. Adjustable laptop carts don’t work. Hence, #megadesk.

Reprinted here for your approval:

By now you’ve surely heard about the health benefits of standing at your desk. But standing desks can be cost prohibitive. Can you get away with an adjustable laptop cart?

Pictured in my perennially referenced Nickel City Pixels Workspace II video (as seen on lifehacker.com) is the Adjustable Laptop Cart by Studio Designs. Extending to a maximum height of 37″ and available at the relatively low price of $84.45, it seems it should be a just barely viable replacement for a standing desk. In actuality it is not. 37″ would be barely high enough for someone not too tall or who had long arms. Unfortunately the mouse tray is recessed an inch or two, putting the mouse (and any hopes of this cart being viable), just out of reach.

Recently it seems the studies and press regarding standing desk benefits have resulted in an influx of new products. But most seem of the converter variety. If you have a low cost standing desk solution you’d recommend please let us know in the comments!

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