Tutorial Tuesday! Video Game Development 101 Lesson 9 – Creating a Motion Capture Studio at Home! iPi Soft, Kinect

By | March 29, 2016

Similar to the previous WCIGAWW post, this video is far more concise (and much easier to hear and understand).

Copy pastaed from the description:

In this lesson we detail the hardware and software needed to create a motion capture studio at home. We will then learn how to create a game ready animation using a console (xbox 360 Kinect) and iPiSoft!

Kinect for Windows SDK:

iPi Soft trial:

Table of Contents:
Hardware requirements: 1:36
Software requirements: 4:46
Space and Time(Money): 5:30
Links: 6:12
iPi Soft process bulletpoints: 7:12
3ds Max process bulletpoints: 8:08

iPi Soft Configuration (setup) and Recording: 8:23
iPi Soft Sizing and (Batch) Processing: 9:47
iPi Soft Rudimentary Clean-up: 12:44
iPi Soft Retargetting and Export: 14:11

3ds Max Importing: 15:33
Clean-up: 16:18
Export: 17:07

Recap: 17:55

(I was unable to finish my planned Tutorial Tuesday, “A Better Way To Conceptualize Masks in Substance Painter,” but look for it next week!) 🙂

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