Monthly Archives: January 2016

Scrutiny Saturday – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

By | January 30, 2016

Though seemingly out-of-date, this review speaks to some of the potentially timeless problems with Samsung and Android… Note the number of dislikes. Without question, Samsung has an agency that downvotes critical reviews of its products. Compare it to other critical video reviews; almost all of them have an inordinate number of dislikes. It is truly… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Get Real-World Terrain into Your Game!

By | January 29, 2016

The tools you need to get real-world terrain into your game! These will feature in an upcoming course re: mobile terrain. The course will feature: Importing Real-World Terrain into your Unity Game Ruthless Optimization to reduce draw calls (set-pass calls) to next to nothing Tutorials for some of the most popular Unity Asset Store packages… Read More »

Throwback Thursday! Dreamcasters’ Duel comic (WIP)!

By | January 28, 2016

Hi-Res Warning! Another once and future project, my Dreamcaters’ Duel comic! Here are the first few pages and a tweet-length synopsis… DreamCasters’ Duel: The mind is a quantum computer networked thru dreams. Lucid dreamers control the collective consciousness. When it was active and run as a webcomic, DCD elicited my favorite comment: “You should have… Read More »

What’s the Secret to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

By | January 26, 2016

You Can’t Crowdfund Without a Crowd. In the early days of crowdfunding the same refrain echoed throughout the internet; having a good video is the secret to a successful campaign. These words of worldly wisdom were accepted without question. The crowdfunding “experts” had spoken. The problem was the sentiment wasn’t sensible. If good videos resulted… Read More »

Forums are up!

By | January 25, 2016

They should be by now anyways, I wrote this post 3+ weeks ago! The forums will be THE PLACE for pre-revenue collaboration! now features forums! Comprised primarily of “No-Code Video Game Development” students and partially inspired  by their suggestions, the forums will be THE PLACE for like-minded developers to collaborate on their dream… Read More »