#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 2

#Megadesk is to be comprised of #megacart and a desk not yet mega. Building #megadesk proved folly, but by searching “utility cart” instead of “computer cart,” I was able to find some things somewhat promising. And at prices far less than it would cost to build my own.

Revisiting the #megacart specifications, it needs to:

  • Be long/wide enough to hold 3 Bitfenix Prodigy cases (and one mini-me)
  • Have a middle shelf for a KVM, a switch, a powerstrip, and other permanent fixtures
  • Have a top shelf for a USB hub and room enough to connect and charge portable devices
  • Be somewhat mobile

This seemed to be the best bet, the best bang for the buck:

Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Utility Cart, NSF Listed

It seemed so choice that it even introduced me to new #megacart desires:

  • Be made of wire to facilitate wire (the other kind) management
  • Have adjustable shelves
  • Have an industrial look
  • Have a lip to the shelves so that items don’t slide off

Of some concern were the dimensions. Each of my computer cases is just under 10″ wide. The product description page shows that the shelves are 33.75″ inches long.

33.75″ from POST TO POST.

It’s not clear from the picture whether the measurement is being taken from the center of the posts or edge to edge. Complicating matters is the fact that the posts, 1.5″ in diameter, taper towards the bottom where the computers are to be stored. After calculating things every which way, I determined that even in the worst case scenario there would be enough room to house the computers. I didn’t, unfortunately, account for the worsterest case, in which the picture and dimensions are simply one big lie.

The package arrived on a Friday. The package itself wasn’t even 31″ long. Unless the packaging was the Tardis, the shelves wouldn’t be long enough. An of course, they weren’t. I’ve initiated a refund request which Seville Classics needs to approve. I’ll update this post with the result.

//Seville has agreed to accept the return. Unfortunately, the automated return process does not allow me to schedule a pick-up as is the usual case w/ Amazon returns. Instead, I have to either take it to a UPS location or wait for UPS to deliver something and ask them to pick it up then. Also worth noting; you are not refunded immediately, i.e. you aren’t refunded the moment UPS picks-up and scans the package into its tracking system as you are with products returned directly to Amazon.

I began the search anew. I sent out many Amazon Community product queries to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE PRODUCTS I WAS INTERESTED IN  WERE ACCURATE. This elicited hilarious results:


WTF? Is this the wisdom of the crowd that I’ve been hearing so much about?

After a long, long search, I’ve decided on the following:

Excel ESC-361840C NSF Certified Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Wire Shelving Cart, 36 x 18 x 40-Inch, Chrome

It meets most #megacart specs. The utility cart arrives Friday, we’ll see just how mega it is and a write-up will follow!

To be continued!

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