Freebie Fridays! Make Gimp Look Like Photoshop? Don’t. Get Krita.

I’ve spent several days trying to make Gimp look like Photoshop. I followed the instructions here, here, and here, with the latter two bringing me closest to success. I had the least success with Gimpshop. For one, the top-level folder in the sourceforge download is misnamed which means that the readme install instructions will fail. Once installed, Gimpshop repeatedly crashed when trying to move the workspace window. This is most likely because Gimpshop is based off an older version of Gimp.

The other methods mentioned are also based on older versions of Gimp. I was only able to get them to work as advertised using the 2.8.22 version.  Once installed, the modified Gimp failed to recognize pressure sensitivity. After much research and troubleshooting, I was able to get Gimp to respond. The only problem now? The stroke lagged behind the pen by about 80 pixels. During yet more research and troubleshooting I came across a forum post which suggested a similarly troubled user install Krita instead of Gimp. I’d had about enough of trying to make Gimp look like Photoshop. I downloaded Krita and fired it up.

It was indeed reminiscent of Photoshop, and best of all, pressure sensitivity worked right away (you’ve no idea what a relief that was after spending a month getting my monitor tablet to work in Windows 10 let alone with Gimp)! Big, beautiful, size-varied strokes with opacity only differing on entry and exit, the way it should be.  I immediately uninstalled Gimp and made a modest donation to the Krita collaborative (it’s the right thing to do)!

My first image edited in Krita!

From the Krita homepage:

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