NCPs January Recap

Hopefully throughout January we were able to establish our commitment to our New Year’s resolutions and created an infrastructure that will facilitate success in 2020. If you have indeed been following through each Thursday, you’ve accomplished the following;

  • Organized and optimized your technical infrastructure
  • Managed your cables
  • Labeled your cables and wall-warts
  • Completed the Data Hording Diet Challenge

For me, organizing and optimizing my technical infrastructure took on the added dimension of performing a quad-annual PC upgrade, doing a fresh install of Windows 10, updating/upgrading/reinstalling all of my software, and switching over from NAS4FREE to FREENAS and backing-up a bunch of data. Of course, all of this was much, much easier said than done. Far too many days than initially allocated were spent computer wrestling.

Likewise, the Data Hording Diet Challenge was unexpectedly difficult. Unable to back-up data due to technical difficulties, I had to part ways with even more data than I had initially anticipated. This meant putting my life-long project Dream Casters’ Duel to rest, more or less.

Despite these set-backs I accomplished most of my New Year’s resolutions that I had deadlined for January. I hope you have as well! All that remains is to solve my NAS networking issues and tweak the website a bit more. Then I’ll no longer need to prime for work; I can actually do work! I’m especially looking forward to streaming my artwork, so please, subscribe to the newsletter and check out the calendar widget on the front page. Join me from some sculpting. And good luck as we move into the second month of the new decade!

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