What The Haters (Programmers) Are Really Saying.

In the second grade a few of us started the imaginatively named “Artists’ Club.” To be a part of the Artists’ Club you had to follow a set of rules. You couldn’t draw from reference, you had to draw from memory, and God help you if you traced; that was a lifetime ban!

Now sometimes rules are good. But sometimes rules are just there to make the rule makers feel good about themselves. Even worse, sometimes the rules are used to exclude certain people or groups of people. Sometimes the rules are there to ensure that certain people win and others lose.

You’ll notice that this same sort of second-grade psychology comes into play if a programmer ever finds out that you’re going to make a no-code video game. They’ll say it can’t be done or that you’re not really a game developer unless you can code. It’s the same second-grade psychology all over again. They’re trying to make social rules that favor themselves. These rules make their skills seem more important. They want to exclude you from making games. That means less competition; if you can’t game, you can’t win.

What’s funny is to imagine that at some point there were punch-card programmers mocking machine language programmers for “cheating.” Later on, those machine language programmers would lord a false-sense of superiority over natural-language programmers. And today that tradition continues with natural-language programmers deriding State Machines. Some people never leave the second grade.

You can sympathize with these types of programmers. They thought that learning to program would guarantee them job security for life. They thought they were going to automate everyone else out of a job but that programs could never trivialize the role of programmers.

Fortunately, all of human history has thus far been a march towards the democratization of technology. The tools you need to create games and applications is here today and accessible to nearly anyone and everyone with the will to create. You don’t need to program in order to create great games.

You have a choice; be conned by people who want to exclude you and see you fail. Or, begin game development today. Use all the technology and tips and tricks and tutorials you can get your hands on to make your dream game a reality! If you can create a flow-chart, you can use powerful State Machine technology to make your dream game. The sooner you begin, the quicker you will realize your creative potential. Good work, and good luck!

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