My name is Michael Kelley. Once upon a time I was an award-winning game developer and game artist, former #gamedev adjunct professor, and published #gamedev author. My goal was to create the best and most innovative games and game art while spreading #gamedev knowledge. Unfortunately my ambitions have been derailed by a recent cancer diagnosis. Now I’m working hard to turn crisis into opportunity. Help me exact revenge on this dreaded disease by supporting my undying ambitions; bringing great new games, art, and knowledge into the world!

A sincere thanks to everyone for all your support! I’m working hard to validate your hard earned money by creating the best games, art, and tutorials.

About the company: Nickel City Pixels makes video game and game-related products that franchise, merchandise, educate, and entertain. We seek to actualize the full potential of the digital arts through conscionable, innovative IP.

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