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Off-Topic Tuesday! Surprise!

By | April 12, 2016

What the hell just happened?!?! Ambx has no idea. What do you know about tactics, son? Sit down! And assorted other trash talking.   A Note from Admin: I hope you found this content useful. If so, please like and subscribe and consider contributing to so that I can continue to produce great #gamedev and… Read More »

Off-Topic Tuesday! (Personal) Best Ever COD Longshot Crossbow Kills!!! 23/1 KD

By | February 9, 2016

I understand revealing my passion for COD invalidates w/e indie street cred I may have had. But this needs more views! I capture flags. Return flags. Longshot. Bank shot. Bugs bunny an RC-XD. Get dogs. Go 23 and 1. All while using only secondaries. Is knife a secondary? Let’s say it is. What’s your favorite… Read More »