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Throwback Thursday!!

By | March 17, 2016

Here are some files of an age to be potentially, slightly embarrassing. See what the DreamCasters’ Duel website looked like so very long ago! Keep in mind, at the time, this was the height of interactivity! A Note from Admin: I hope you found this content useful. If so, please like and subscribe and… Read More »

Throwback Thursday! Dreamcasters’ Duel the Mod

By | March 3, 2016

Travel back in time to the days of 4:3 aspect ratios in this video interview. It’s all about my once and future project DreamCasters’ Duel! Keep in mind that this project effectively began as Medal of Honor Allied Assault was tearing up the charts. Realizing that a game of this scope and scale would take… Read More »

Throwback Thursday! Dreamcasters’ Duel comic (WIP)!

By | January 28, 2016

Hi-Res Warning! Another once and future project, my Dreamcaters’ Duel comic! Here are the first few pages and a tweet-length synopsis… DreamCasters’ Duel: The mind is a quantum computer networked thru dreams. Lucid dreamers control the collective consciousness. When it was active and run as a webcomic, DCD elicited my favorite comment: “You should have… Read More »