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Chapter 1: What is Unity and What Makes it Awesome?

By | March 4, 2019

First in a series of posts that reprints the unedited manuscript, No-Code VR Development Using Unity and Playmaker. Chapter 1: What is Unity and What Makes it Awesome? The history of video game development is relatively short yet decidedly dramatic. In turn borne of revolutionary technology and revolutionizing technology, its history has at times been… Read More »

Press Release! For Immediate Release Feb. 22, 2017 :S

By | September 19, 2017

Buffalo, Feb. 21, 2017 – Afflicted with blood cancer, developer Michael Kelley will run 7 video game crowdfunding campaigns simultaneously to see which work-in-progress he should see through to the end. Witness crowdfunding as it should be; not as a marketing gimmick for multi-million dollar reboots but a resource to fund unfinished, innovative, independent games.… Read More »

Tutorial Tues! Live Gamedev Lessons on Twitch!!!

By | August 29, 2017

You know as the game, and often, gamedev streaming video site. But why can’t it also be used for educational purposes, to host live lessons? Honestly, I’m sure someone has done that already. But when I do it, it will be better! 🙂 Soon I’ll be streaming live gamedev lessons on twitch!!! I’m in the… Read More »

By | August 4, 2016

Re: No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker. It has recently come to my attention that I mistakenly uploaded an outdated version of to I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ve rectified the issue; the correct version is now available at: Thank you to Ferdinand for bringing the error to my… Read More »

2-Player Wall Candy Cab

By | July 23, 2016

This is in the works. A Note from Admin: I hope you found this content useful. If so, please like and subscribe and consider contributing to so that I can continue to produce great #gamedev and #game art content while battling cancer! Subscribe and get ahead with the latest tech recommendations, tricks, and tutorials! Name… Read More »

Not just privacy rights, Pokemon Go insists you waive your right to a fair trial too.

By | July 15, 2016

This from the very fine folks at Consumerist: Maybe Pokemon Go just isn’t worth it? Or, to rephrase the question, if you’re forfeiting blood-earned Constitutional rights to push pixels hither and fro, what wouldn’t you give up your rights for? A Note from Admin: I hope you found this content useful. If so, please… Read More »