Developer Blog – VR Design Document Part 3

By | May 24, 2016

While a good deal of this post remains redacted, it should still serve its purpose as a sample design document. All will be revealed in due time!

III. Narrative Synopsis
Shoot stuff and avoid being shot.

III. Game Mechanics
“Space Blast” is a mobile VR [redacted for the time being]. The game is played [redacted for the time being]. The player takes the role of a transformable space mech with two modes: spaceship and robot. [redacted for the time being]. [redacted for the time being] [redacted for the time being]. The objective is to attain a high-score; iterations might involve allowing the player to choose to fight an end boss.

In this example the Game Mechanics introduction reiterates the Gameplay Synopsis. It is more specific in a few instances however.

1.Gameplay Mechanics; Core Version

  • The player pilots a maneuverable spaceship [redacted for the time being], [redacted for the time being] mech [redacted for the time being].
  •  [redacted for the time being]
  • Both modes are navigated using the lowest common denominator brand of bluetooth controller.
  • The player must navigate [redacted for the time being]

At first glance these mechanics may seem to obey the “start small and make it smaller” indie edict. In reality this list is fairly ambitious and may need to be trimmed. A transforming spaceship means an additional mech model, [redacted for the time being], and animations. It also means additional FSMs. The [redacted for the time being] feature will require additional study and implementation. On the plus (minus?) side, [redacted for the time being] necessitates lots less art assets in exchange for a modicum of FSM work. We’ll need some fairly involved random generators however.


  • Low poly, four or fewer types
  • The A type will “hover” in front of the player, match his/her speed, and fire.
  • The B type are kamikaze and will fly straight at the player.
  • The C type will overtake the player while firing.
  • The D type will be terrestrial.

In space, no one needs to pathfind. Each enemy will simply fly in a straight line; only their speed and direction will vary (according to type). Iterations beyond the MVP should involve assigning enemies unique weapons, hitpoints, and savvier AI.

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