Freebie Friday! Kinect with MS-SDK Playmaker Actions

By | January 15, 2016

It may seem like a Throwback Thurs. at first glance, but this Kinect with MS-SDK freebie comes with Playmaker Actions!!!

In keeping with a Kinect theme, here is a free Unity Asset Store Asset that features Playmaker Actions for the Kinect (you all know how much I love both Playmaker and Kinect)!

From the product description:

Requires Unity 4.5.0 or higher.
Develop for Kinect with Playmaker using these custom playmaker actions.
This package requires the following plugins to work:
Kinect with MS-SDK
KinectExtras with MsSdk
If you do not need to use the “KinectExtras with MsSdk” just delete the file OnKinectSpeech.cs from the Action folder.
The following customs actions are included:

The following customs actions are included:

The following sample scenes are included:
2D cursor
3D cursor
Kinect Background – eyeToy_Augmented Reality
Kinect Cutout Video – histogram
Kinect Gesture
Kinect Get Joint Position
Kinect Get Joint Rotation
kinect snapshot
Kinect Speech
Kinect Video – Colour Map
Player Found – Lost
Two 2D cursor
Two 3D cursor

A video walk through of the package is available on youtube: Temper Tantrum

Email: Support

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