Game Science Saturday! Crowdfunding Campaign Stats You Should Know.

By | March 12, 2016

Once upon a time the internet surf was littered with the debris of a singular wreck of crowdfunding advice: good video = crowdfunding $$$. As I described in a previous post, this advice simply didn’t make sense.

I went on to conjecture that having a good video is a correlation, not a cause. Having a good video first correlates to having a sizeable production team. Each team member then serves as a social network multiplier. The cause of successful funding, I reasoned, was social network size. It should be obvious; you can’t crowd fund without a crowd. Yet even today there is shockingly little scientific research being done to sort out how much money one can expect to obtain from X number of likes and followers.

There are some numbers available however. The theory that team members serve as significant social network multipliers seems to have been confirmed. According to Indiegogo,

“The whole concept of crowdfunding is based on involving the crowd, so it makes sense that campaigners who work in teams raise over 3 times as many funds than campaigners that choose to work solo.”

Moral of the story, as suggested in the previous post, team up! If you’re looking for collaborators, check out the forums (I will be sure to dedicate more time to the success of the forums shortly). For more numbers and advice, (including the suggestion that you should have a good video, kthnx), check out the following link;

New Research Study: 7 Stats from 100,000 Crowdfunding Campaigns

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