Meetup Monday! IndieView Interview With Me!

By | September 18, 2017

Awhile ago I did an interview with @indieviewpod. In the indieview interview I discuss my difficulties trying to decide which of my 7 favorite #gamedev projects I should pursue. I mention my plans to run a Crowdfunding Battle Royale, in which I pit said 7 projects against each other to see which has the most money making potential. Obviously that has not come to pass, yet. The best laid plans gang aft agley, and nothing makes things gang agley quite like cancer.

But, with the one year anniversary of my diagnosis quickly approaching, it’s important to revisit things like this for perspective. It begs the musical question, “where are we now?”

Not entirely sure. Deserves an entire post unto itself. Until then, maybe I should listen to the indieview interview yet again. I invite you to listen too:

You might think being laid up in the hospital would provide the time, if not the resources, to get #gamedev done. Believe me. This is not the case.

Since the indieview interview posted part of the plan was to capitalize on cancer, turning crisis into opportunity. Long story short, believe it or don’t, getting cancer is one of the very few advantages that I have ever been given. Of course, capitalization depends primarily on the concern of others…

I’m struggling to make this post 300+ words like the SEO wizards say I should, and I’m struggling not to make this post too morose or tangential… so I’m going to call it here. Check out the interview, it’s a good one, I hope you enjoy it.

SEO Wizards say I need to include a picture.

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