Meetup Monday! Jupiter Hadley Feature

By | September 4, 2017

Jupiter Hadley’s father was worried about her mental health. She would lock herself away for hours at a time, alone, in front of her new computer. Even worse, she seemed to be talking to herself for far too long. His worry became great enough that finally he felt he had to confront his daughter.

“Honey I’m concerned… you talk to yourself a lot,” the senior Hadley said.

“What?” replied Jupiter. “I’m talking to my friends!”

“No one’s here,” said her father, growing even more concerned.

Young Jupiter’s explanation that she was talking to her friends through her computer didn’t go over well. Her father told her, “It’s just a computer. They can’t hear you.”

A demonstration of the communication application Teamspeak however, soothed her father’s fears. These days Jupiter’s dad still doesn’t understand computers and simply asks his daughter if her “internet stuff” is doing well.

Jupiter Hadley’s “internet stuff” is doing well! A champion of unsung, un-played indie games, Jupiter is gaining a growing and well-deserved following. She curates a comprehensive schedule of game jams at and has documented over 20,000 jam games on her eponymous youtube channel, Jupiter_Hadley! Elsewhere she writes about indie games on the sites GameJolt and AlphaBetaGamer.

What advice does she have for people whose friends or family don’t get their entrepreneurial endeavors? Jupiter says, “Keep at your ‘internet stuffs’. (sic) Your parents don’t have to understand everything you do, especially if they are outdated in the way the world works.” Also, “Saying what you do in different terms to parents can help things out, but do what you love overall. You are the most important person in the situation, so you need to do what makes you happy.” This is great advice for content producers, aspiring coders, and game developers.

*Portions of this article were sourced from an interview Jupiter Hadley gave to GameDev Cafe. You can find that interview here:

Thanks to Jupiter for the quote and for being an awesome champion of #indiedev!

Jupiter Hadley Feature








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