#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 4

By | September 29, 2017

#Megadesk was supposed to be a happy occasion. It was to be a one year diagnosis anniversary gift to myself, a giant leap forward in my efforts to become more “mobile” and organized, and it was supposed to help facilitate my #gameart and #gamedev.

The plan was simple: do a bit of research into what would work, buy it, set it up. It should’ve taken a week at most. But faulty engineering, misleading product descriptions, shipping delays, and ridiculous responses from Amazon’s community Q&A / third-party merchants have dragged the process out for nearly a month now.

As I wait for #megacart to arrive, only a week now before October, I realize the process has been less of a treat, more of a trick, has made me less mobile and organized, all while undermining my #gameart and #gamedev projects. As for the health benefits a sit-stand desk provides, I’m pretty sure that thus far they’ve been offset by my increased stress levels.

The first #Megacart candidate was ordered on the 9th. The dimensions on its product page over at Amazon were wholly misleading. It’s worth noting that the seller/manufacturer has failed to correct the dimensions. A return was promptly initiated. Despite yet another suspect Amazon product description page, a new candidate was tapped for succession:

Excel ESC-361840C NSF Certified Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Wire Shelving Cart, 36 x 18 x 40-Inch, Chrome

The change of guard began on the 16th. Apparently the store’s computers took that weekend off because the order didn’t even process until the 18th.

And since then, like Ergotron desk, the #megacart candidate has encountered even more delays. What should have been a complete write-up and review of the cart has been subsequently delayed, ending right here, right… now.

I’m living in a cuckoo clock!

Join us in two days for an exciting conclusion?!?


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