#MEGADESKKKK! The Big B’log Web Log Pt. 3

By | September 27, 2017

The Ergotron desk saga begins! In comparison to #megacart’s requirements, the desk portion of #megadesk’s requirements were decidedly sparse. It needed to:

  • Change and maintain suitable elevations, ie, be sit-stand
  • Be pneumatic or pneumatic-like; no pin and post, crank, or motor schemes

These requisites narrow the field quite quickly. In short, the desk needed to:

There’s not much getting around it. In a previous What Can I Get Away With Wednesday post, I briefly outline why there’s just no alternative to a good sit-stand desk. The Ergotron products are cost prohibitive, of course, but for me the health benefits justify the price (especially since my GvHD meds have made my hip flexors sickly weak). Other justifications include; this is my one year diagnosis anniversary gift to myself, I’m worth it, and my #gameart/#gamedev projects are worth it.

With the decision made and the money spent, what could go wrong? I wasn’t relying on Ergotron desk’s measurements to be accurate and I’ve familiarity with Ergotron products:

What could go wrong, indeed? Well for starters the shipment was delayed by a day. Then, FedEx freight apparently tried to deliver the desk on Friday. There’s no viewable record of a delivery attempt and it wasn’t until Monday that the seller contacted me via email to let me know of the alleged attempt. She also informed me that I’d need to verbally verify with FedEx that I’d be home to accept shipment before they’d deliver. I did so early Monday afternoon but they refused to deliver that day. Meanwhile both the seller and tracking told me differently; FedEx would deliver that day. But then they didn’t.

What angers me, in addition to the initial delivery delay, in addition to the delayed information about the attempted delivery, in addition to the fact that they couldn’t verify reception by email, the fact that the tracking website, the seller, and the FedEx rep couldn’t come to an agreement as to whether or not the desk was being delivered, oh, and waiting around half-a-day for the non-delivery, and the fact that they EVEN NEEDED confirmation that yes, I’d receive the desk I’d spent several hundred dollars on, in addition to NOT delivering on Monday DESPITE verbal confirmation, was the fact that there was NEVER ANY MENTION OF NEEDING VERBAL CONFIRMATION UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE.

Sans caps, I civilly expressed the latter frustration to EliteWarehouse, the seller. To sum up their response:

“We never had a customer that didn’t know they had to call to confirm a freight delivery.”

My reply? Something to the effect of:

“Look, nowhere in your emails does it say that this would ship freight. Both UPS and FedEx deliver standard up to 150lbs. It’s well within the dimension limitations as well, so there was no reason to assume it would ship freight. And you shouldn’t assume that everyone of your customers have recv’d freight shipments previously or would know they’d need to rec’v a confirmation call.”

Anyways, as always, here’s some screenshots to back me up:

As a side note, apparently the color of Walnut adds a total of about 40″ while reducing nearly 15 lbs to the order:

Ah Amazon Product information, don’t ever change. No wait. Please do. And be more accurate.

#Megadesk was supposed to be a happy occasion. Now I can’t wait until #Megadesk week is over.

To be continued!

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