New Low Poly.

By | September 3, 2016

Called an audible (again) on the workflow. It was ridiculously difficult to manually correct the topology of the in-game model. Instead I put the high poly in a Vitruvian M̶a̶n̶  Dino pose and Dyanameshed/re-sculpted/re-painted/zRemeshedx4/zRemeshed with Polypaint/Projected All. After two days worth of side-tracking, I now have this “low” poly:

At around 40k polys, it may seem way too large for mobile, but keep in mind it will be (very nearly) the only thing on screen.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to create a palette of sculpted feathers and their alpha-plane counterparts. The planes will consist of diffuse, specular, and normal maps. I’ll use the alpha-plane counterparts as Insert Mesh Brushes on a medium poly, and then split them out for use with the low poly model.

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