No-Code VR Development Using Unity and Playmaker (blogpost edition)!

By | March 1, 2019

With the permission of my publisher, Taylor and Francis, I will post all of my new text book, No-Code VR Development Using Unity and Playmaker here on the blog! That’s right, you could conceivably compile all the upcoming NCVRDUUP posts and not pay a penny for a retail copy of the book! But seriously, don’t do that because I can’t afford my cancer medication as it is. 🙁

Unedited chapters/lessons will be posted on Manuscript Mondays! Occasionally I’ll post a chapter/lesson on Freebie Fridays! too. I likely will not always have the accompanying figures or Unity Assets finished at the time of the posts. That should be OK because I’m looking for feedback on how well I’m able to describe concepts and procedures textually anyways.

PilotThings VR 1983!

Here’s my roadmap for 2019:

  • Complete No-Code VR Development Using Unity and Playmaker
  • Update both books in-line with Unity 2019
  • Create live and pre-recorded video courses from both books
  • Launch my own learning platform,
  • Offer (potentially) credit-earning unpaid internships
  • Publish a couple of great games!

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