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By | September 19, 2017
Buffalo, Feb. 21, 2017 – Afflicted with blood cancer, developer Michael Kelley will run 7 video game crowdfunding campaigns simultaneously to see which work-in-progress he should see through to the end. Witness crowdfunding as it should be; not as a marketing gimmick for multi-million dollar reboots but a resource to fund unfinished, innovative, independent games.
Like other developers, Michael Kelley had a backlog of game ideas. He’d work on them a little at a time in-between teaching and authoring game development text books. Then, admitted to the emergency room with a bad cough, Michael was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. Michael needs a bone marrow transplant to live. But more than that, he needs to crowdfund his reason for living. Help support and get word out about:
  • Chess Tactics RPG – Mankind’s greatest game finally gets a story mode!
  • Pilotthings VR – Casual flight sim in Virtual Reality.
  • Star Foxy VR – Less furry, more foxy.
  • T-Rex Care and Feeding Book – Life-sized Augmented Reality Rex!
  • Wall Candy – Space-saving arcade cabinets.
  • Dreamcasters’ Duel Comic Book – In which lucid dreamers control the collective consciousness, and then humanity…
  • Robot Wranglin’ Girls of the Post Apocalypse Coloring Book – Detailed junkyard mechs and their pin-up masters.

“I’d most like to see Chess Tactics RPG win,” said Michael.Michael Kelley is an award-winning game developer, text book writer, former adjunct professor, and current cancer fighter.

Contact: Michael Kelley

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