Cyborg Ninja Character Model (Mobile Ready)


Cyborg Ninja Character Model, 2789 polys, diffuse, specular, normal, .fbx, .jpg, rigged, animated, low poly, mobile ready

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This luxurious Cyborg Ninja Model is handcrafted from 5436 triangles (tris). That’s just 2789 polygons (polys), all, or nearly all of which, are quads. Truly low poly, the Cyborg Ninja Model is mobile ready. Included are diffuse and normal maps in .jpg format. The diffuse maps are two maps in one: its alpha channel doubles as a specular map! This character model is rigged and ready to go with 3 animations: run, attack, and hit. Thus, this .fbx is Unity ready. Additionally the mask and eyes are removable allowing for customization.

The Cyborg Ninja Character Model is available for free with either the No-Code video game development course or book.

Download includes:

  • cyborgNinja@run.FBX
  • cyborgNinja@attack.FBX
  • cyborgNinja@hit.FBX
  • cyborgNinjaMaskAndEyes.FBX
  • roboNinjaDiff.jpg
  • robotNinja_normals.jpg
  • robotMaskDiff.jpg
  • robotMask_normals.jpg
  • cyborgNinjaEye.jpg



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