PSA: Own Computer Not Showing Up in Win 10 Network Window!?!? SOLVED

By | March 11, 2019

Yet again very niche, but not so unique that it doesn’t require a PSA. If your own computer is not showing up in the Win 10 Network Window, you may want to attempt a network reset as described here: If that doesn’t work and if you’re lucky, your problems might all go away with the next Windows update. Barring that, I’ve discovered a rare bug that will cause your own PC to disappear from the Network Window under very improbable circumstances. If you go to folder Properties>Sharing>Advanced Sharing and Share this folder and Add a Share name that’s the same as one of the network’s usernames, the computer with the offending folder goes MIA in the Network Window.

Don’t do this!

Again, I know this won’t affect many users, but if I can help just one and keep them from pulling their hair out, it will be worth the short time it took to post this! Hope it helped!

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