Re: Alpha Planes

By | September 30, 2016

It seems the problem with adding alpha planes as InsertMeshes is that they don’t retain their UVs. So my workflow is as such:

  • Create planes in max, assign UVs
  • Add planes as InsertMeshes to model in zBrush
  • Split to subtools, paste UVs to 100+ planes by hand
  • Export each 100+ planes by hand
  • Download script for importing multiple objects into Max
  • Get errors
  • Troubleshoot for 30 mins, nothing works, including downloading a new unborked version of the script, also the free script is encrypted for some reason so it can’t be edited because of course why not
  • Switch to a different computer, copy all the files across
  • Use script to import alpha planes en masse
  • Manually correct 100+ naming conflicts because Max doesn’t have a checkbox for “do this for all conflicts”

The alternatives to this process are worse:

  • Try to use Fibermesh, be surprised at the total randomness/uselessness of any and all groom brushes
  • Place the planes by hand in Max over the course of several days

If anyone has some insight as to why the groom brushes don’t work as advertised, in fact, don’t work at all, please let me know in the comments!


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