Self-Promotion Saturday: What comes with the No-Code Udemy course?

By | April 2, 2016

Keep in mind that in addition to documents, quizzes, and video instruction detailing the creation of an FPS Horror Survival game, the No-Code Udemy video course includes a functioning FPS Horror Survival game. It is chock-full of art asset DLC!

Here is everything that comes with the No-Code video course:

  • buttonA.png
  • cyborgNinja@attack.FBX
  • cyborgNinja@hit.FBX
  • cyborgNinja@run.FBX
  • cyborgNinjaEye.jpg
  • cyborgNinjaMaskAndEyes.FBX
  • fpsChar@Idle.FBX
  • fpsChar@Shooting.FBX
  • hitSeeingRed.psd
  • island.raw
  • islandFlat.raw
  • islandFlatInverse.raw
  • liscense.doc
  • roboNinjaDiff.jpg
  • robotMask_normals.jpg
  • robotMaskDiff.jpg
  • robotNinja_normals.jpg
  • section2.unitypackage
  • section3.unitypackage
  • sweatShirtDiff.jpg
  • sweatShirtNormals.jpg
  • TerrainToolkit_1_0_2.unitypackage
  • unaffectedByFog.shader
  • volcano_normals.jpg
  • volcanoDiff.jpg
  • volcanoLo.obj

That’s over $100 of models, meshes, textures, animations, and more! If that doesn’t seem like enough, know that the Packages are comprised of multiple, completed Scenes.

Section2.unitypackage includes:

  • S2L2L16CreatingOurPlaymakerProject
  • S2L3L17RecreatingTheS02L01Flowchart
  • S2L4L18Review
  • S2L5L19BeginningOurSampleScene
  • S2L6L20WobbleWalk
  • S2L7L21ConeOfVision
  • S2L8L22LineOfSight
  • S2L9L23DecisionMaking
  • S2L10L24Pathfinding
  • S2L11L25DecisionMakingPart2
  • S2L12L26PlayerCreation
  • S2L13L27FinalDemoScene

Section3.unitypackage includes:

  • S3L2L29AlmostOurFirstLevel
  • S3L3L30OurFirstLevelRedux
  • S3L4L31ParticleEffects
  • S3L5L32LightingEffects
  • S3L6L33FPSControls
  • S3L7L34RandomSpawn
  • S3L8L35MecanimAnimation
  • S3L9L36MecanimAnimationPart2A
  • S3L10L37MecanimAnimationPart2B
  • S3L11L38RapidProgress
  • S3L12L39Audio
  • S3L13L40GUI
  • S3L15L42WrapUp
  • exposition

Still not enough? Keep in mind that each Scene is comprised of additional art assets such as particle systems, Prefabs, and Playmaker FSMs (all of which are eligible to be turned into Templates). A non-exhaustive list of these assets includes:

  • backAndForthFSM
  • wobbleFSM
  • coneOfVisionFSM
  • lineOfSightFSM
  • testHavePlayerVisualFSM
  • tasteFSM (fully commented, part of a simplified breadcrumb pathfinding system)
  • sendAnimationFSM
  • deactivationMngrFSM
  • lavaEmbers
  • lavaSpout
  • followPlayerFSM
  • randomSpawnMngrFSM
  • AI_FSM
  • cyborgNinja Animator Controller
  • cyborgNinja@runAvatar
  • fpsChar Animator Controller
  • fpsChar@ShootingAvatar
  • shootingFSM
  • helipadLoPoly (Prefab)
  • raycastingBulletsFSM
  • homeFreeFSM
  • buttonFSM
  • CanvasHit
  • CanvasLoss
  • CanvasWin
  • sparkyFSM (Particle Effect trigger)

And as if all that were not enough, this blog serves as additional course content, introducing topics such as Touch Input and Project migration!

It should be easy to see why Learn to Make Games Without Code – Using Unity and Playmaker took over 8 months to create and has a satisfaction rating 3x higher than average #gamedev courses!

What are you waiting for? Join the only Udemy #gamedev course good enough to be turned into a book! Hope to see you in the student section soon!







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