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#gameart – Guilty Gear Xrd developer presentation.

By | April 18, 2016

XIII set the high water mark for cel shading in 2003. That mark remained for over a decade (many generations in #gamedev time) until the high tide of Guilty Gear Xrd swept it away. Until its camera switches to a different perspective, it’s impossible to tell that Xrd’s characters are anything but 2D “hand-drawn.” Making… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Bitgem’s Micro Knight Balan!

By | March 11, 2016

Well, it looks like that since I first drafted this Freebie Friday, Micro Knight Balan is no longer free. The only asset of Bitgem’s that still is free is this very nice treasure chest: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3930 Let that be a lesson! If you see something for free, download it to your account immediately! I like Bitgem’s… Read More »