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Freebie Friday! Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush

By | February 12, 2016

As promised in the last WCIGAWW?, here is Screenkeys, Autohotkey for ZBrush! This will allow you to eliminate keyboard and mouse input, making your Tablet PC truly portable for the purpose of digital sculpting. http://nickelcitypixels.com/freebies/autohotkey.zip I don’t know who created this. I can no longer locate where I originally downloaded it from. If you are… Read More »

Freebie Friday! DirSync Pro: synchronization/back-up software

By | January 22, 2016

As promised in the last What Can I Get Away With Wednesday post, here is a link to some non-gratis synchronization software! I highly recommend DirSync Pro for shuttling your files to-and-from your newly minted NAS machine! It’s free, but please consider supporting it! application: http://dirsyncpro.org/ support it: https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=2n6oauXW7pbgWU13oN98imJrT23qtw-0Priya4jiIhFCtqwyFnDouuCS-u8&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d64ad11bbf4d2a5a1a0d303a50933f9b2 A Note from Admin: I hope… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Kinect with MS-SDK Playmaker Actions

By | January 15, 2016

It may seem like a Throwback Thurs. at first glance, but this Kinect with MS-SDK freebie comes with Playmaker Actions!!! In keeping with a Kinect theme, here is a free Unity Asset Store Asset that features Playmaker Actions for the Kinect (you all know how much I love both Playmaker and Kinect)! From the product… Read More »