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Tutorial Tuesday! Video Game Development 101 Lesson 9 – Creating a Motion Capture Studio at Home! iPi Soft, Kinect

By | March 29, 2016

Similar to the previous WCIGAWW post, this video is far more concise (and much easier to hear and understand). Copy pastaed from the description: In this lesson we detail the hardware and software needed to create a motion capture studio at home. We will then learn how to create a game ready animation using a… Read More »

What Can I Get Away With Wednesday? Kinect Motion Capture Studio at Home? Yup!

By | March 16, 2016

In this live recording from the Microsoft Store I instruct how to create a motion capture studio in your own living room! For something less-real-time (ie straight-to-the-point editing), please subscribe to my youtube channel! A Note from Admin: I hope you found this content useful. If so, please like and subscribe and consider contributing to… Read More »

Freebie Friday! Kinect with MS-SDK Playmaker Actions

By | January 15, 2016

It may seem like a Throwback Thurs. at first glance, but this Kinect with MS-SDK freebie comes with Playmaker Actions!!! In keeping with a Kinect theme, here is a free Unity Asset Store Asset that features Playmaker Actions for the Kinect (you all know how much I love both Playmaker and Kinect)! From the product… Read More »