The living nightmare of trying to restore an Acronis save point to a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e

By | May 25, 2016

Previously I’ve advocated using software to clone and then replace OSes should they misbehave. Acronis claims its software can even do this across disparate hardware configurations. I’ll believe it when I see it.

In a thus far misguided attempt to replace my failing ASUS tablet, I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e (found out later there are four different versions, I hope I got the right one…) from Woot at 60% off. It arrived yesterday and it’s been a waking nightmare ever since. I’ve been live tweeting my experience from @NickelCityPixel. It goes something like this:

Step 1. Couldn’t boot from Acronis USB.

Step 2. Researched to find proper boot config.

Step 3. Acronis wouldn’t recognize the SSD.

Step 4. Formatted it.

Step 5. Acronis recognized the SSD but wouldn’t list external HD w/ restore pts.

Step 6. Experimented w/ bios to get ext. HD to show (still not sure how). //wasn’t actually a bios setting after all…

Step 7. Wrestled w/ Acronis for 20 mins. as the mouse warped around the screen seemingly at random.

Step 8. Eventually got the restore to take (incld. MBR).

Step 9. Wouldn’t boot, attempted Win repairs.

Step 10. Wouldn’t save repair config, fail.

Step 11. Decided to try to install Win 7 and then restore w/out MBR.

Step 12. Repeat steps 5-11, fail

Step 23. Giving up on restore, decided to install fresh Win. Now reports missing cd/dvd drivers and refuses to install.


Also, doesn’t include recovery media.

WTF, how are these drivers that my tablet DOESN’T NEED suddenly missing from my UNCHANGED boot media, & why is it PROHIBITING INSTALL?

Step 24. Turns out missing SSD & warping cursor weren’t the result of BIOS settings; moved ext. HD to different USB. Orig. defective or underpwrd?

Step 25. Trying a sector by sector recovery of Acronis restore point.

Step 26. How do I extend a partition using the win7 cli?   //answer is here, it didn’t solve the problem though despite Acronis reporting partition size might be the bad boot culprit

Step 27. More darts to throw: “repairing” boot in CLI.

Step 28. Repairing from the command line didn’t work, “element not found.” Fresh install fail: “Setup was unable to create a new system partition.”

So I have NO WAY to create a new system partition now. WTF?

Love how after exhausting all possibilities asks, “Are you sure you want to cancel Windows installation?”

Been at this for 2 days now, nearly 16 hrs.

“Are you sure you want to cancel Windows installation?” Well I’d love for you to create a partition, but since that’s not possible…

Steps 29 – 33. Tried most of the solutions here to no avail.

This has been a sinful waste of one of the few beautiful days we’re sure to get here in Buffalo. Taking one last shot at it; will restore the unbootable image. Then, while startup repair still recognizes the partition (it doesn’t after attempting the first failed repair attempt), I will attempt repairs from the CLI. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to restore the unbootable image (for the purposes of working around Windows’ inability to create a partition) and then install Win7. Then I’ll have to install, without exaggeration, about 40 drivers. If the drivers enable pressure sensitivity (the whole reason I purchased it) I’ll have to install about 40 programs by hand. Failing that, I don’t know. Return it? I’d assume at that point the hardware is defective. The box did arrive damaged (security tape was not intact).

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