Throwback Thursdays! Colbert Report Parody.

By | June 16, 2016

I had nearly forgotten about this until I had to go digging for a Throwback Thursdays post! I had been the biggest Colbert Report fan but never thought him above reproach or parody; there were holes in his game. In turn this game sought to parody both Colbert and the free pass his demographic gave Obama despite Obama being more neo-conservative than Bush (eg., signing indefinite detention into “law,” eliminating due process, legalizing propaganda, prosecuting more whistleblowers than all other administrations combined, expanding the war and war powers, etc.,…).

The storyline had Colbert battling zombie-like Obama boosters (“Obambies”) all the way to the White House. As it turns out, Colbert’s demographic could dish it out but not take it and the concept proved very unpopular. Evident it wouldn’t sell, the project was quickly scuttled. Fail early!

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