Tutorial Tuesday! Skinning a Character in 3ds Max.

By | September 27, 2016

As promised in the previous Freebie Fridays! post, here is a youtube series detailing how to, as evidenced by its title, skin a character in 3ds Max:

This information is useful under the following conditions:

  • You’re using a low poly mesh with a custom rig.
  • Your character is made using edge loops (nearly) exclusively.
  • You’re rigging a non-humanoid character.

The info contained within is less useful if:

  • Your mesh is high-poly
  • Your mesh does not use edge loops exclusively
  • You are rigging a humanoid character

If you are rigging a humanoid, there’s a much, much easier way to rig.

Here are some things I learned (or was reminded of):

Make sure the mesh’s pivot point is centered prior to applying the skin modifier (so as to facilitate weight mirroring later)

Again, this is primarily useful for low-poly, non-humanoid characters. While my T. Rex is non-humanoid, he is not low-poly. Therefor only some of the information in these series of tutorials was useful for me. For high-poly characters, (especially those whose mesh creation was automated through a process such as zRemesher), you’ll need to augment your skill set with Paint Weights. Check here next Tuesday for my recommendation regarding Paint Weights Tutorials!


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