NickelCityPixels Update: Kept You Waiting, Huh?

By | July 27, 2018

After the bone marrow transplant I came down with a nasty case of GvHD (Graft vs. Host Disease) in which my donor’s transplanted immune system attacks my organs as if they were a foreign body (which it is). The GvHD has been worse than anything I  encountered when I had cancer and has set me back months. I’m finally starting to rebound though, and may be productive again. I have some thoughts about upcoming projects and would very much like your feedback.

The primary focus will be Chess Tactics RPG. Chess Tactics RPG is just what it sounds like; a series of chess puzzles and games linked together with excellent characters, story, and cosmetic upgrades like costumes and finishing animations. I’ve been commissioning the super talented tenpoundpixel ( to create character profile pictures. Soon I’ll have enough media to create a trailer! Check back on #ScreenShotSaturday (here and on twitter) and check the #gameart category to see examples of the Chess Tactics RPG artwork.

It's good to be the king!

It’s good to be the king!

The side op will be Star Foxy VR. Like Chess Tactics RPG, the name should give you an inkling of what to expect; echii Star Fox-like gameplay in Virtual Reality. Tagline “less furry, more foxy.”

The main character in Star Foxy VR, WIP.

The main character in Star Foxy VR, WIP.

The nickelcitypixels youtube channel just got its 400th subscriber(!), thanks mostly to this tutorial on sculpting clothing folds:

I have some thoughts on what to do with the channel. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Metal Gear Solid lately, especially upgrading and improving Mother Base and FOBs. Beginning with a new video, NickelCityPixels Workspace III (Check back on Workspace Wednesday; I and II are here  and here, featured on Lifehacker), I’d like to do a video series detailing how any potential #gamedev income goes towards upgrading my workspace, hopefully culminating in the purchase of office space/a house! MGSV references will abound throughout beginning with the title of the series; Mother Base #Gamedev. What do you think? Personally I’ve always been fascinated by the story of, and this would have elements of that narrative too. Just thinking out loud on this one…

Another series I’m planning on is Get Your Sh*t Together Saturdays. Each video would feature a tutorial on something, typically technology related, that I’ve been meaning to get around to but never seem to be able to. Examples would be setting up a VPN, a password manager, crypto wallet, etc.,… things that I think most techies want to get around to, but like me, put off indefinitely. This series would give me and the NCP subscribers an easy and apparent “to do” list schedule to commit to. Possibly I would stream it.

Speaking of streaming, I hope to get back to streaming gameplay every once in awhile. I’m “going back to” uni full time, so I might not have enough time for this, but… My twitch channel is here. GvHD med side effects/complications include tremors and debilitating hand cramping, but health permitting I’ll do some live sculpting too.

The final new video series, already in the works, is a revamp of the No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker video tutorials. I may go back to hosting it on Udemy. But it will be cheaper on and possibly here on the site. Speaking of cheap, you can demo the first 13 lessons here for free:


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